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tote bag

Fabric Tote Bag

These fabric tote bags make great ringside bags or can be used to bring all your goodies to a show.


Retail Price: $4.00

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Spray bottle

Spray Bottle

This spray bottle has the same fine mist spray as our grooming sprays.  The bottle has graduations to make mixing easy.  Perfect for diluting our styling products.


Retail Price: $5.20

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Mixing bottle

Mixing Bottle

These handy 16oz mixing bottles are complete with measuring marks for easy dilution ratios for your favorite Isle of Dogs products. Soft plastic offers a secure grip. Features a directional dispensing lid with secure seal for unused product.


Retail Price: $5.20

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IOD Apron

Isle of Dogs Grooming Apron

This Isle of Dogs Grooming Apron has a water proof exterior, a handy pocket and is comfortable wear while keeping you cleam. One size fits all.


Retail Price: $28.00


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gift boxes

Gift Certificates

These make a great gift for the dog lover in your life as well as a special treat for your dog’s breeder or the your handler. (Available in any dollar amount. These certificates are only redeemable with ISLE OF DOGSCT online at IODOGSCT.COM or by phone.  If you desire a different dollar amount than available here, please specify the amount in the Order Details section during checkout and the adjustment will be made.)


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