4 Control Grooming Spray
contrl spray


A spray conditioner that helps to eliminate static and aids in removing mats and tangles without further damaging the coat.  Helps increase resilience to prevent breakage.  Gives a noticeable smooth control to longer coats as well as a brilliant shine to all coats.  Helps repel dust and dirt keeping the coat cleaner, longer

Coat Types

For coats that mat easily or need special attention to conditioning or smoothing down.  Best for smooth, short, long, and silky coats.


Wet the coat, apply the shampoo and work it thoroughly into the coat.  Let it sit for 2-5 minutes and then rinse completely.  Condition the coat with  Formula No.50 or No.51, rinse and then dry.  If your dog’s coat is extremely dirty it may require a second application.

1 Litre
Retail Price: $38.99

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